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Day 761: 2012年8月26日

Krakow - Poland (4 Friends Hostel)


It was raining (proper rain!) from the morning. So I decided to spend more one day here. I was talking with Masa and Paul, playing Japanese chess.

昼前にアダムとジェシカが旅立っていきました。彼らは車で旅しているので、雨でもへっちゃら。スロバキア、チェコと行く予定なのだそう。Buen viaje!!

Before noon, Adam and Jessica left the hostel. They are travelling with a car, so the rain would not be a problem for them at al. They are heading to Slovakia, Czec from now on. Buen viaje!!


So, I got othing muc to do again. What could I do? As it was raning, I did not want to go out either. We made instant noodle for lunch, ad a nap.


In the afternoon, the rain eased, so Masa and I went for a walk. We walked to nearby Zoo, but we did not have enough cash to get in...


We made Pizy and kidney bean soup for dinner. Great nutritious food and cheap!!


We had ice cream as a desert. Nice!

明日はポールもチェコに向けて出発。朝のうちは雨だそうですが、午後には晴れるそう。スロバキアのヴィソケ・タトラ(Vysoke Tatry)と150キロくらいの道のりなので、問題ないでしょう。久しぶりの山岳地帯なのでワインディング、風景と楽しんで走りたいですね。

Paul will leave to Czech. It will be raining in the morning, but t will be fine later according to the forecast. I am planning to get to Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia, some 150km away from her, so it would be an easy ride. The area is moutainous, so I will enjoy curves and nice mountain views.


Here you go, Chuck Norris Fact of the day:


Chuck Norris was originally cast as the main character in 24, but was replaced by the producers when he managed to kill every terrorist and save the day in 12 minutes and 37 seconds.


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Day 760: 2012年8月25日

Krakow - Poland (4 Friends Hostel)


It was cloudy but not raining when I woke up. According to the weather forcast I checked yesterday, it would be raining today, but this morning I checked the forecast again and it stated cloudy, 0% chance of rain.


So I could leave here. But I did not feel like leaving here yet. I am in a mood of "Ship Wrecked". I extendede my stay for one more day. Well, I had nothing to do today. I spent my time with Masa talking.


Paul made us pasta in the evening. After dinner, we were chatting and Adam and Jessica came out from the room after watching a movie. Which movie? Of course "TOP GUN"!!!


It was the first time for Jessica to watch TOP GUN. Her verdict was "It was not the worst movie ever." Well, that was the harsh verdit on our (Paul, Adam and my) favorite movie.

何故か話題がチャック・ノリスになり「YouTube」でチャック・ノリスの動画集を楽しむワシ等。まぁ、今日は書くことも少ないので、読者の皆さんにもチャック・ノリスの素晴らしさをお知らせしたいので、ここでチャック・ノリスの伝説(Chuck Norris Facts)を1つ。

Not sure why, we started talking about Chuck Norris. We played those movies of Chuck NOrris on YouTube and had fun. As I have nothing much to write today, I would like to share one of Chuck Norris Facts.


”Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cordless phone."


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Day 759: 2012年8月24日

Krakow - Poland (4 Friends Hostel)


I was to leave Krakow and go to Slovakia, but I did not feel like leaving here yet. I had not completed the diary of visiting Auschwitz concentration camp either. So I decided to stay here one more day.


Masa had not made up his decision where to go yet, so he was alos going to stay here one more day. Having breakfast, we chat, making plans etc.


Last evening, a cyclist checked in to our dorm room, but I did not have a chance to speak with him last night. He is Paul from UK. He was teaching English in China for 7-8 years and now he is cycling hrough Eurasia back to UK!


We talked for a while and then he went to buy new socks.


Masa and I went to a supermarket to get lunch. We bought smiked mackerels. WIth freshly cooked rice, it was really tasty!


Masa could not make up his mind where he would go, so he flipped a coin and decided to head east! He had to go back to London by 12th of Sep. So he made a plan to go to Uklaine, then across Black Sea to Turkey, and fly out from Greece.


We palyed Japanese chess a few times. He won.


It was a hot day again. I had a nap, surfing the net and so on. Well, I did not make much today.


In the afternoon, I was talking with Masa about what to eat for dinner. Masa said he wanted to have BBQ. Then Paul came to us and asked if we would like to do BBQed Hamburger with Adam and Jessica. "Why not!"


We went to a supermarket to get ingridients. We set a fire on charcoal and wait.


We made 15 burgers and put on the grill. They smelt fantasitc!!

出来上がりは上々!! 美味いハンバーガーが出来上がりました。

The end result was excellent!! Well done everyone!! Buen hecho!!


I did not imagine I would have such a fun evening!!


According to a weather forcast, the weather will be bad tomorrow... Should I stay one more day?


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Day 758: 2012年8月23日(第二部)

Krakow - Poland (4 Friends Hostel)

第一部からの続き・・・/ Part 2 of the diary...


Masa, Mr. Sheep and I came back from Auschwitz II - Birkenau to Auschwitz I.

ここが第一収容所の入り口。門には「ARBEIT MACHT FREI(働けば自由になる)」とドイツ語であります。「ARBEIT=仕事・労働」のBの字が逆さになっているのはこれを作らされた収容者のせめてもの反抗、だといわれています。

This is the famous entrance of Auschwitz I. Above the gate, in German "Arbeit Macht Frei" = "Labour makes (you) free" sign. The letter "B" of "Arbeit" was placed upside down. It is said this was a resistence from the prisoners who were forced to make this sign.


This German word "Albeit" is widely used in Japan now meang as "casual work".


Those buildings of Auschwitz I looked like normal apartments. At a glance, there were much better than those of Auschwitz II.


But once we entered the building, exhibitions told us how hard the life in the camp. There were lots of tourists in groups.


Those empty cansof "Cyclon B" were found after the liberation of the camp. It is said that Cyclon B was used to mass murder those prisoners in Gas Chambers. The factory of Cyclon B kept the records of deliverries, and according to the records.20 tonnes of Cyclon B were delivered to Auschwitz concentration camp.


A part of glasses taken from the prisoners.


There were ehibitions of shoes, hair, and bags / cases taken from prisoners (no photo allowed).


What the most impressive was the amount of hair. It is said ihair was from female prisoners. 1,925kg of hair was found in bags, ready to be shipped to factories to make clothes out of hair. 


An example of meals provided for a prisoner a day. For breakfast, "coffee" - black coloured soup provided. For lunch, soup with alomost no meats nor vegies provided. For dinner 300g of black bread and 3g of margarine provided. Of course, those did not provide enough calories and nutritions to maintain good health.


Malnutrition caused illness and death. Many suffered.


Toilets. The condition was much better than those of Auschwitz II.


The part touching skin were made with wood, so skin would not stick to the toilet bowl when it was cold (I assumed).


The "Death Wall" placed between building 10 and 11. The wall was demolished by SS before the liberation, but after the war, the museum rebuilt the part of it.


Barbed wires and a watch tower. The sign telling "Stop" .


The gas chamber and crimatoria.


Here was the gas chamber. After letting the prisoners in, the door was locked, then cans of Cyclon B were thrown into the closed room. The door was shut for 20-30mins. None could came out alive.


There were 4 crematoria. They were in full action to burn those bodies. Coke was used as fuel.


The gas chamber / crematoria was located outside of the barbed wire fence. Only just before the death and after the death, they could go out of the fence...


After seeing Auschbitz I and II, we were convinced that these facilities were used for acts of evil. But we still have a doubt.


The doubt is "Was it possible to brn 821 bodies each day for 5 years?". 


There were more gas chambers and crimatoria built, especially ones in Birkenau were larger and more efficient (2 buidlings were built with 12 crematoria installed each). However, those were in active for less than 2 years. After the facilities were built in Birkenau, those in Auschbitz I were not in use. So we were still wondering if it was possible to burn so many bodies.


Of course, it is said those excess bodies were burned outside, in the yard of the camp.


It depends on how well the bodies were burned, but we assumed it would take lots of time and require lots of fuel.


Well, there was mass murder against prisoners happened here in Auschwitz, that's the truth. So the number is not actually important...


We ended our tour around 6pm. We caught a bus back to Krakow. I guess I was rally tired, and I was sleeping all the way to Krakow.


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Day 758: 2012年8月23日

Krakow - Poland (4 Friends Hostel)

アウシュビッツ・ビルケナウ強制収容所。“第二次世界大戦中に、ヒトラー率いるナチ政権が国家をあげて推進した人種差別的な抑圧政策により、最大級の惨劇が生まれたとされる強制収容所である。 ユネスコは二度と同じような過ちが起こらないようにとの願いを込めて、1979年「負の世界遺産」に認定した。”(ウィキペディア抜粋)

Auschwitz - Birkenau concentration camp "was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany during World War II. It was the largest of the German concentration camps. The camp is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites" (from Wikipedia)


I visited the site with Masa to see it with my own eyes.


We got to Central Bus Terminal where we caught a mini bus (12PLN) to Oświęcim. "Auschwitz" is Oświęcim in German. It took little more than 1 hour to get there. 


From the bus stop, we walked to the entrance of the site. Before the entrance, there were poto panels ofthose political figures visited the site.


He caught my eyes. Of course,


Comandante Fidel Castro!!!


Until 3pm, in Auschwitz I it is required to join a guided tour. It would be good to get detailed information from a guide to understand the history of Auschbitz camps, but I wanted to walk arund with my own pace, and see and feel. So we decided to start our visit from Auschwitz II (Birkenau).

ここで昨日あった日本人青年と再会!! ブログを見てくれたそうで、名前を教えてくれたのですが、失念してしまいました!! 本当に申し訳ないのですが、ブログを見ていただいたらご連絡いただきたい。

Here we saw the Japanese fellow again! He read my blog and told me his name this time. But I am sorry! I forgot his name!! Amigo, if you come to visit my bog again please et me know your name again!


We caught a free shuttle bus to Auschwitz II - Birkenau.


The camp was surrounded by barbed wires. They were electrified to prevent escape...


Jews, Gypsies (Roma and SInti), political prisoners etc from al over Europe were brought here b trains, and entered the camp through this gate...


Many did not see outside world again.


A barrack accommodated prisoners. It was originally designed to house 52 horses, but it was converted to house 400 prisoners. There were 300 barracks just like this one on the site.


Triple loft bunk beds were put in the barrack.


This barrack was designated for toilets. Prisoners were allowed to used the toilets at the certain times of the day together with inmates.


There were 50 tripe loft bunk beds installed in a barrack (we counted them), so there were 150 beds available. It is said, 2 persons slept on a bed, but theycould accommodate only 300... Another 100 were? Where did they sleep?? It was very inhumane treatment.


There was a heating device (stove) installed (brick made stove shown in the photo above). But it is said that there were many gaps on the buildings and if the cold winds blew in, the heater became no use.


There were many vsitors from Israel. They wer in groups and were carrying Israeli flag.


Here is the end of the rail. Both sides of the rail, there were gas chambers / crematoriums. They were demorished by SS on 20 Jan 1945 before Soviet Red Army free the camp. 


This is the remaining of the gas chamber / crematorium.


This is the remaining of a gas chamber. It is said "Many children and elderly were murdered immediately after arrival and were never registered." (Wikipedia) They account for 70-75% of people who were brouht here.


There were sanitary treatment faclities installed on the site in order to cope with the growng number of poplation o the camp.


Behind the arbed wires, there is a forest. So many poeple wished to go into the forest... I suppose.


1.5 million people were murdered here by Nazi between 1940 to 1945. It would be 821 persons were murdered a day!! Incredible...


A washing room. I could see there was a stove (I assumed it was used to boil water). I hope there was hot water available...


Life condition in Auschwitz II - Birkenau camp was really really inhumane, terrible, I don't know what to describe...


It was before 3pm. We caught a shuttle bus to Auschwitz I.

入り口で警備員にベレー帽を脱ぐように言われました。「何でですか?」と訊くと、星を指差しました。ふむ、この「司令官」の星をなにかと勘違いしたのですかね? まぁ、言い争うのもなんなので、素直にベレー帽を脱いで見学します。

I was told to takeoff my beret. I asked "The reason why?" and the security guard pointed the star on my beret. Ireckoned he had a wrong idea with the start of "Comandante", but I did not want to argue, so I took off the beret and entered the site.

ここが大地収容所の入り口。門には「ARBEIT MACHT FREI(働けば自由になる)」とドイツ語であります。「ARBEIT=仕事・労働」のBの字が逆さになっているのはこれを作らされた収容者のせめてもの反抗、だといわれています。

This is the famous entrance of Auschwitz I. Above the gate, in German "Arbeit Macht Frei" = "Labour makes (you) free" sign. The letter "B" of "Arbeit" was placed upside down. It is said this was a resistence from the prisoners who were forced to make this sign.


This German word "Albeit" is widely used in Japan now meang as "casual work".


To be continued to Part 2...


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