三郎とおやすみ羊のBMW R1200GSで世界一周の大冒険



Day13: 2010年8月6日
9281km to 9850km = 569km
Whitehorse to Dease River

彼もHorizon Unlimitedに参加する予定でスピーチまでするそうです。こりゃ楽しみだな。

まあ今日はWatson Lakeまでだからゆっくり行きますか。

Teslinまで雨がチラホラ。Teslinで給油と昼飯。昼飯を食べてたらSuzuku DL1000 V Stromに乗ったキィウイのおっさんと話しこんでしまい1時過ぎに。
Indian乗りのDennisに色々心配してもらいSan Franciscoにくる時は泊めてくれるとのこと。ありがとう!

ようやく準備が出来て出発しょうとしたらKawasaki KLR650に乗ったMurrayが来ました。彼は去年南米まで行ったとのこと。

thehut.jpgルート37の分岐点で山火事がまだ治まって無いのでしばらく通行止め。40分後にようやく通行許可が出ました。雨の中8時半まで走ってDease RiverのキャビンにMurrayと二人で泊まることに。二人で40ドルは安い!屋根の下で寝るのは一週間ぶりです。しかも雨なのでありがたい。

Day13: 06Aug2010

Dominic camping in front of my site is another GS rider.
He is also going for Horizon Unlimited gathering and is going to have a speech abour his trip to Alaska. Very interesting.

The weather isn't so good today. It might rain any time. 
I went to McDonald's for Interenet, but they haven't got WiFi yet. Damn.

Anyway, I need to make to Watson Lake today, so no need to rush.

It was sprinkling till Teslin. I stopped there for gas and lunch.
I was chatting with a Kiwi guy riding Suzuki V Strom for a while and it was just past 1:00pm.

Just about to take off, a car was coming in, so I stirred to lefta bit. Then my left pannier hit a car parked next to me, and I dropped the bike! Ouch!!
My bike and myself are fine, but my left pannier was broken.
The plasic parts were broken and the ox itself was out of shape.

I managed to put the box back into the shape but the lid does not fit properly any more.
And the hinge was broken as well, it does not lock up securely either.
I have a tie down belt and used it to secure the lid. 
Luckily the pannier still can fit on the bike properly, so I could take off.
But the concerns are if the water gets into the pannier and if the lid wouldn't be blown away in high speed.

Dennis, the Indian rider, was worrying about me and gave me hand to fix the pannier.
He is from San Francisco and told me to come and visit me if I am going there.

Just about taking off, Murray, the Kawasaki KLR650 rider, came in.
He went to Soutn America on his KLR last year. As I was talking with him, he said I can stay at his place in Smithers (on route 37).

Route 37 was closed due to the wild fire but it was opened up around 6:00pm, so we quickly went down South. It started to rain again. We decided to stay in a hut at Dease River Crossing. It costs CAD40 for two people!. And the place has a hot shower too!
It has been a week since I slept under the roof. It was raining outside, so I am glad that I don't need to sleep in the tent tonight.
We had lots to talk and had a great time.
Although the pannier is broken, I'm lucky to meet guys like Dennis and Murray.
Tomorrow we are heading to Smithers, Murray's place.



Day12: 2010年8月5日

今日はカヌー初日。午後からスタートでいいと言われてましたが、色々準備があるので早めに起きました。テントを畳もうとしたら向かいのテントのHonda Gold Wing乗りのNeilがHorizon Unlimitedのキャンプに参加しないのか?と聞いて来ました。
Horizon Unlimitedは世界を駆け巡るライダー達のウェブサイトです。色々なライダー達が参加し、経験者の講演などあるそうです。場所はBCの南東のNakusp。日にちは8月12日から14日。うーん、行きたいなぁ。でもカヌーがあるから、行けなあ。
しばらく考えたんですが、ワシはカヌーイストよりもバイク乗りです。もしカヌーをキャンセル出来たらHorizon Unlimitedに参加しょう、と決めました。
テントをそのままにして、Kanoe Peopleへ。幸いキャンセル出来ました。でもカヌーに未練があったので1日だけ借りました。




Day12: 05Aug2010

Today is the first day of 8days canoe trip to Carmacks. I was told to come in the afternoon but I have to prepare many things before I get on the canoe, so I woke up early.
Just about holding the tent, Neil, riding Honda Goldwing, told me that there is a Horizon Unlimited gathering in Nakusp on 12Aug to 14Aug. There are speeches by those experienced overlanders and lots of riders turning up. It will be nice place to make friends.

I'm more a motorcyclist than a canoeist, so of I can cancel the trip, I will attend the gathering.

Went to Kanoe People and I could cancel the trip. But I still wanted to do canoeing, I went for one day trip.

It tool time to start off, so I left Whitehorse around 11:00am. Pick up is at 5:00pm and usually takes 6hours paddling. I gotta be quick!

I enjoyed canoeing down Yukon river but I am glad that I did not do 8 days trip. Doing it by myself isn't much fun for such a long time.

On the way back to Whitehorse, the car was out of gas! The fuel gauge is pointing little less than half but it was out of gas. It's an American car after all. We waited for 20mins or so for another car to bring gas.

It started to rain on the way. Having dinner at A&W and went back to the camp ground. Another GS with British flag parked in the camp ground. I wondered whose it is.
I wanted to do some laundry but I was too tired. Went to sleep straight after shower.
Tomorrow I will head to South.


Day 11: 2010年8月4日

8803km to 9281km = 478km
Watsons Lake to Whitehorse




whitehorse01.jpgカヌーをしたいのでカヌーレンタルショップへ。Up NorthとKanoe Peopleっていう店があるんですけど、Kanoe Peopleのほうが安くて親切です。

Robert Service Campgroundにキャンプです。インターネット有料のくせにめちゃくちゃ遅いです。


Day 11: 04AUG2010

Last night the guy next to my tent was snoring roundly. I could have a good sleep though.
The difference in temp in the afternoon and night to morning is really a lot. In the after noon, it's more than 30 degrees but
in night time it's shhould be less than 10 degrees.

The way from Watson Lake to Whitehorse is quite boring, no winding much.
But I saw a bear family, a mother bear and two cubs. It's ok to see them as I'm riding the bike but I will be scared if I saw them when I'm walking.

Arrived Whitehorse around 3:00pm. This is the hottest time of the day I guess.
I heard it's hot everywhere in Northern Hemisphere, but I am surprised it gets hot up here such North.

I wanna go for canoing down Yukon river. So I went to the rental shops, Up North and Kanoe People.
Kanoe People is cheaper and more friendly. So I chose to rent a canoe here.
It costs CAD340 to hire the canoe for 8days to Carmacks, including paddles, life jacket, a food strage barrel, a water purifier and drop off of canue at Carmacks.
But I have to hitch hike on the way back to Whitehorse. Not sure if it works!?
I can park my GS in the backyard of the shop.

I camped at Robert Service Campground. Internet connetion is damb slow although I paid CAD5.00 for it!

From tomorrow I will be canoing down Yukon river for 8days, so I will be off line again for while.


Day10: 2010年8月3日
8290Km to 8803km = 513km
Fort Nelson to Watsons Lake

biffndave.jpgBiff, DaveとMartyに別れをつげて出発。Ft NelsonからSummit Lakeまでは工事中が多く何ども止まりました。しかもジャリ道になったりアスファルトになったりと繰り返すところもありで、カナダ、ちゃんと道整備しろよ!と思ってしまいます。高い税金払ってるんですからね。


buffaloburger.jpgbuffalonhitsuji.jpgToad Riverで給油とバッファローバーガーの昼飯をすませて、Coal Riverに向けて走ってると、なんとバイソン(バッファロー)の群れが!10頭以上はいるでしょうか、昼寝で路肩に寝っ転がっていました。モチロン写真を撮りました。ヒツジさんも大興奮です。

Coal Riverで給油を済ませ休んでいると、Moto Guzziに乗ったカップルが来ました。イタリア人のGianniと彼女です。アラスカの一番てっぺんのPrudhoe Bayからアルゼンチンの最南端Ushuaiaまで30,000kmの旅をしてるとのこと。この旅はスポンサーが付いていて、半分仕事なのだとか。羨ましい。また何処かで会えたらいいね、と再会を願って別々の道へ。あとここではアメリカ人のハーレー乗りのおっちゃん二人とも話こみました。ライダーはやっぱりいいですね。
5時にWatsons Lakeのキャンプ場につきました。インターネットがつながるのですが遅くてブログのアップが2日分しか出来ません。メールも読めますが返信出来ません。とほほ。

Day10: 3Aug2010

Left the camping ground after said good-bye to Biff, Dave and Marty.

On the way to Summit Lake, there are some road works going on, so I was delayed a bit. Also lots of loosen gravels on the road I found. Some areas are not even sealed. There are lots of pit holes everywhere. Not sure what Canadian Government is doing about the road maintenance.

In the mountain area, the road is winding, so it's really fun to ride through there. The contrast of the mountains and the lake is beautiful. I saw some goats on the road side. They are cute. I saw a bear too.

Had lunch, a buffalo burger, and filled fuel at Toad River. On the way to Coal River, I saw a herd of buffalos lying beside the road. I was so excited to see them in real life. They are so huge and hairy!
I took a few photos of them. Mr. Sheep was also very excited.
I could see them 'Cos I had the buffalo burger!?

At Coal River, I met Gianni, rides Moto Guzzi. He and his girl friend is riding from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Algentina. It's 30,000km trip! He said this trip half holiday and half job. He is testing a product on this trip. Please visit www.avl.com/roadtest for details.
I also met two Harley riders from the States and had a chat for s while. It's good to be a motorcycle rider! Making friends easily.

Arrived at Watsons Lake camping ground before 5:00pm. Here has free Wi-Fi connection but it is very slow. I could only update diary for two days but could not reply any mails. Sun set after 10:00pm here. Without checking time on a clock, I cannot tell it's so late already.
Tomorrow I will get to Whitehorse.


Day9: 2010年8月2日
7722km to 8290km = 568km
Chetwynd to Fort Nelson


100キロ走りDawson CreekのTim Hortonsで昼飯。駐車場で20ドル拾いました。ついますね。Fort St Johnで給油しFort Nelsonまで400キロです。ここまで来ると街もまばらですしガソリンスタンドも中々有りません。やっぱりガソリンも高くなって来ました。


6時前にFort Nelsonに到着しキャンプ場に。ここでアメリカ人ライダーのBiff, DaveとMartyに出会いました。BiffはBMW R1200RT、DaveはホンダGold Wing 1500、MartyはBMW R1200GSに乗っています。みんな北から帰って来たので色々アドバイスをくれました。



Day9: 2Aug2010

As the temp dropped a lot late at night, the tent is wet with dew. My bath towel is still wet too. To let it dry, I took time to get ready.

Left the camp ground after 9:00am and head to Dawson Creek. Had early lunch at Tim Hortons and headed to Fort St John, where I filled gas. Oh I picked up $20 at the car park of Tim Hortons.

To Fort Nelson, another 400km ride. It is mainly straight road and got bored. There are less towns in between and no much gas stations. The temp varies on altitude. Up on mountains around mid 20 degrees and down on fields around 30 degrees.

The road condition does get worse up here. I found lots of pot holes and loosen gravels on the road. And there are lots of road works as well, so we gotta to slow down or stop for a while. But the great views make me forget all about those.

Arrived Ft. Nelson before 6:00pm and met Biff, Dave and Marty. They are American riders and all came down from Whitehorse. So they gave me good advice.


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