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Day 585: 2012年3月3日

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

朝はいつもの如くブログの編集から。メニューの「The Motorcycle」の「バイク」の記事を書きます。バイクでの旅ブログなのでもう少しバイクや装備、ルートの情報を充実させようと思いまして。これからもどんどん進化させていきますよ!

I worked on my blog from the morning as usual. I am writing an article about my GS in "The Motorcycle". I plan to add more information about my GS, the setups, the equipments and the route gradually, so please visit and have a look from time to time.


As it was saturday, we went to the Ramen shop. 12 of us!! I ordered a ramen with stewed pork and some rice balls. Ike had a plate of pan fried dumplings, a ramen, extra noodle, and a pudding for dessert... It was a full course. He did indeed enjoy the meal.


As we still have a bag full of sugar we bought yesterday, we were discussing how we could cook with it. There were a few ideas - making "Anko" (Japanese sweet) with read beans and sugar, making caramel etc. But everyone agreed with Shin's idea - making caramel coated pop corns and watch a movie together.

But when we got back to the hotel, Aki asked us if we wanted to go to his grandparents place and do some fishing. That was a cool idea. So we all went. On the way, we stopped at Aki's place. There was a puppy and he did not have a name yet. So Shin and I named him "John". Why? My god firiend Yutaka always call those street dogs "John, John". He said if he keeps callng those dogs "John", one day he would meet the real "John". So Yutaka, if you go to Pension Sonoda and visit Aki's place, there is "John"!!


As we could not fit in a car, Miyuki (the sister of Aki) also gave us a lift. We went to the place @ 60km.


At Aki's grandparents place, we digged the ground and found some warms using as baits. And we chopped some bamboo and made fishing rods. A lot of fun! The we all hopped on a pick-up and went to a pond. The scenery is just like "A summer vacation in a country side of Japan".

ike.jpg池に到着し、仕掛けを作って竿に取り付けて、さぁ釣りましょう! 池に餌を放り込むと速効で雑魚がちょんちょんと突いてミミズを食べてしまいます。しばらく粘りますが、いつも餌をとられるだけ・・・。違う池のほうが大物が釣れる、というのでそちらに移動。

Arrived at thepond. We assembled fishing rods and gone fishing!! Once we casted the baits, we could feel that small fish was easting our baits. Soon the baits were gone.... We stayed there for a while, but none got any. Aki said another pond would be better, so we walked up there.


We did have some hits, but we could not catch any for a while. It was a really sunny day, so the sunshine was sooo straong. I forgot to apply any sunscreen.... I would be read at the end of the day.


THen finally, Taku caught one! But it was a tiny fish. He said he would use it as a live bait. After this, some caught small ones.

DSCF1299.jpgしかし、流石タクちゃん、生餌で大物を釣りました!! これで今晩の飯が確保された!? タクちゃんが吊り上げた後別のタクちゃんも釣り上げます。ワシは結構引きが来るんですが、針にかからずバラケてしまうこと5‐6回。サッちゃんと「日本の城の名前」山手線ゲームをしながら、大魚を待ちます。そして遂に、一尾釣り上げました!! 30cmくらいの「バカ(笑)」という魚だそうです。

Then Taku did it! He got a big one with the live bait. Now we gotsomething to eat this evening!? After this, another Taku caught a big one. I got many hits, but they did not get hooked... I started to play a game with Sachiko. Then finally, I caught a big one. It was "Baka" around 30cm long.


At the end we caught 5 big fish and a small cat fish. Shin caught a snake though. Aki caight small fish using a net, so we ould deep fry them. It would not be enough for 10 hungry stomaches, but we all had fun! The sunset was beautiful.


Back to the hostel, as the supermarket was already closed, we cooked with all the ingredients. The sharrott omlett was great (the idea by Ike and cooked by Keita). 


It was a fun day. But I could not do much of my work to improve my blog. So I would do lots of works tomorrow.

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Day 584: 2012年3月2日

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

今日は新メニューを追加。「The Motorcycle」と「Data」です。まだまだ作りかけですが、これからますますブログを進化させていきます。乞うご期待!!





DSCF1271.jpg今日は金曜日なので豆腐屋さんが来ました。豆腐を2丁と油揚げを買って、さて何を作るかな? うどんを打つことになり、小麦粉と食材を買いに生協へ。




さて、出発は日曜日か月曜日になりますね。 ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* 世界ブログランキング参加中です。クリックしてご一票をいただけると嬉しいです。 にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 世界一周へ
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Day 584: 02 MAR 2012

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

As usual 4 bloggers (including myself) started our work on each blog. Our blogs are getting better and better each day. For example, I added a few menu at the top of the top page - The Motorcycle, Data and Map. The contents are still under construction, but I will copmplete them soon.

Katrin was to leave to Posadas, Argentina today. She joined us on the table and had a chat in the morning. As she had no fixed time table (as she will hitch hike), she joined us for lunch too. We went to the supermarket "Supermercado 41" and bought some instant noodles and chorizos. We cooked the noodle with shallots and eggs. Not only she speaks very good Japanese but she uses chop sticks very very well. How wonderful! She left the hostel around 1pm. Have a nice and safe trip. Hopefully we can catch up in Germany.

In the afternoon, I washed my GS. It was a hot day, so splashing water was fun! I just rode to Asuncion and back, but there were many bugs squashed... After washing, I adjusted the aire pressure of the tyres. Pumping up the pressure with the hand pump was a tough work. If I do this everyday, I could lose some weights.

Every friday, the Tofu maker comes to sell Tofu. We bought some Tofu. Then we decided to make Udon tonight. There would be 11 hungry stomaches, so we bought 2kg of flour and started to make dough. It was a tough but rewarding work. If we were in Japan, we would buy ready to boil Udon noodle, but here we make the noodle from scrutch. We do something we would not do in Japan. That's why I like staying here. Sachiko - the new guest here - likes visiting castles. We talk about castles we visited. It's rare to see a girl likes castles.

Everyday I meet interesting personality here @ Pension Sonoda. I enjoy staying here but I should move on. I will leave here sunday on monday.

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Day 583: 2012年3月1日

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

今日はパラグアイの祭日。「英雄の日(Dia del los Heroes)」だそうです(「のほほと世界をまわります」調べ。)蚤の市があるということなので、朝はいつもの如くブログの編集。とうとう地図を載せました。タイトル写真の下の「MAP」にカーソルを合わせて「Google Map」をクリックすると、新しいページが開き、Google Map上にワシがこれまで旅した道が示されます(作りかけですが)。どうぞご覧になってください。






DSCF1265.jpg夕食は皆でカレー。カオリちゃん、アサミちゃんとタッチが作ってくれました。ありがとう! 食後はなんと日本語ぺらぺらのドイツ娘カトリンさんと歓談。ヒッチハイクで南米を旅しているとのことで、結構面白いキャラクターです。残念ながら明日アルゼンチンに旅立ってしまうとか。写真が趣味とのことで、ワシやシンちゃんが今まで撮った写真について評論していただきました。結構ワシ等枚数は撮っていますが、「イイ写真」となると、殆ど無いんですね。テクニックは無いので「心」で撮っていますが、まぁ、写真にそれが反映してません。これからもう少し写真を撮るときに考えて撮りますか。


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Day 583: 01 MAR 2012

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

It's a public holiday in Paraguay - "The day of the heros". In  the morinng, we all worked on improving our blog. I added a map to my page menu. It was still under construction, but you could click on it and see how I travelled on Google map.

Flea market would be held today so we heard so we walked to Co-op supermarket.

However, when we got there there wasn't any stand in front of Co-op. There were onky 2 security guards. We asked them where the flea market was held. They said it would be on every sunday... But we found a advert on a notice board saying "Flea Market on 01 MAR 2012".

We asked them, "How about this?" and they said, "Ahhh, that's on another side of the highway." So we walked there.

But when we were about to cross the highway, stong winds picked up and it seemed like a storm was coming. So we headed back to the hostel.

Then luckily Pablo came around with a van with his girl friend Kazumi. He gave us a lift to the flea market.

At the flea market, there wasn't many to see. But there were a stand selling food and cakes. Our attentions were drown there. I bought 6 Dorayaki for 18,000PYG. I will have 2 of them and the rest I shared with others. 

After lunch, we all worked on our blog again. WIth Html editing, finally I got something I coould se satisfied with. Then I had a Dorayaki. It was exellent! I love "Anko" (Japanese style read bean paste. Yum). I played Othello with Aki (he won) and Japanese chess (I won).

Tonight we had Curry and Rice in Japanese style. Kaori, Asami and Tacchi prepared it for us. Sharing a meal with friends is really fun. 

Afyer dinner, we met Katrin - a Germany girl fluent in Japanese. She is staying at a cotttage of the hostel. She is hitch hiking around South America. A cool girl. She likes photography so Shin and I showed our photos, but she did not give us thumbs up... We have a plenty of photos, but from a photographic point of view, our photos were not really good :(

Now I will think about how to make a photo better when I take a photo.

Then it was mid-night. I thought I was leaving tomorrow, but I think I will stay here till the weekend. This lace is so cozy. And the friends here are so nice.
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Day 582: 2012年2月29日

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

今日はペン園のみんなで世界第2位の発電量を誇るイタイプ・ダム(Presa de Itaipu)を訪ねました。パラグアイとブラジルの2カ国共同開発・運営をしています。最近わが国日本のエネルギー事情を考えると膨大な水力発電力を確保できる両国がうらやましい限りです。

DSCF1210.jpg残念ながらソンシ(マサ君)は午後ブエノス・アイレスに出発なのでお別れです。アスンシオンのオカモトさん宅から帰ってきたときからの同士なので一旦のお別れは寂しい限りですね。2日前はソンシを一旦送り出したのですが、今日はワシ等がソンシより先に出かけるので、ソンシに見送られる立場に。まぁ、また何処かで会おう、ソンシ。Que te vaya bien y buen viaje!

先ずはシウダー・デル・エステ(Ciudad del Este)までチキンバスで。10,000グアラニー(2.5米ドル)。そしてエステの街外れのバス停でダム行きのバスに乗り換えます。3,500グアラニー。結構エステから遠いですね。

itaipu.jpgダムの観光案内所でパスポートを渡し、登録(パスポートは登録後返却されます)。見学はなんと無料! しかも用意されたバスは最新式のメルセデスです。パラグアイ、やるな。


DSCF1224.jpg人造湖、デカイ!! この水を支えている堤防、一体どれだけの鉄筋とコンクリートを使ったのでしょうか? 鉄筋は380のエッフェル塔に匹敵する、と書いてありましたが。


あれ? ヘリコプターに乗れるの? と思っちゃいますよね?

そうなんです! ワシ等奮発したんです! 


DSCF1253.jpg観光案内所に戻り、ヘリコプターで人造湖の上空を廻る! ように写真を撮影できるパネルがあったんです。みんなで一生懸命トリック写真を撮ります。無料で観光させてくれて、こういう「遊び心」があるもてなし、をするパラグアイ、好きです。




シンちゃんは外付けハード・ディスクを。ケン&ユミ夫婦は昨日買ったiPod Touchのカバーを買いに違う店に。



角を曲がったら、本当のパトカーがあるじゃないですか! え、本物?? 

って、言うわけで、警察署にしょっぴかれたワシ等6人(ケン&ユミ夫妻は違う店にいたので難を逃れてました)。警察署に入ると、土砂降り。寧ろ雨宿りが出来て、良かったかも。イケちゃん目線からのこの事件簿はこちらから。 http://ameblo.jp/ike-chan-world/entry-11179991109.html シンちゃん目線の顛末はこちらから。 http://ameblo.jp/p-chaishin/entry-11179673785.html




DSCF1260.jpg宿に戻ると新しい宿泊者タッチ、カオリちゃんとアサミちゃん登場。皆でチュラスコ食べ放題「チュラスケリア・シロサワ」へ。36,000グアラニー。ちょっと贅沢ですが、美味い! ウェイターのおじさんたちも陽気で面白し。


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Day 582: 29 FEB 2012

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

Today we visited "Itaipu Dam" the world 2nd largest hydro-electronic power station. According to the information, the volume of water used to turn 20 generators is 20 times more than Iguazu Falls. Can you imagine that?

The trip was organaised by Ike. 8 of us were going there, but none checked how we could get there or anothing other than Ike.

Unfortunately, the Guru - Masa - was to leave to Buenos Aires today, so we had to say good-bye to him. We wanted to see him off, but we had to leave here early, he saw us off instead. We had been together from the 1st day here, so it was really sad to see him leaving us. But hey, we are the travellers. Have a good trip my friend!!

The rest of us took a chicken bus to Ciudad del Este. Then we took another bus to the dam. 

Itaipu dam was built by Paraguay and Brazil - binational project. Electricity generated here is shared by 2 nations. However, the amount generated is enomous and Paraguay does not need that much electricity. So the most of its share is exported to Brazil.

At the reception, we registered ourselves and then we took a tour bus. Incrediblly it was free tour! And the tour bus was a brandnew Mercedes. Well-done Paraguay.

Until the 3 gorges dam in China was built, this dam was the world largest. The concret wall sustaining water of the artificial lake was enomous. I could not know haw many tonnes of cement was used but according to the information the iron and steel used for this construction were equivarent to 380 Effel tower. Anyway, it's gigantic.

The bus took us to the top of the wall. The size of the lake was huge too. But according to the information, the area submarged by the lake per electricity volume generated this dam is farely small.

Back to the reception, we found a panel with which we could take tric photos - looks like we are on a chopper overlooking the dam from the sky. I like this Paraguaian approach. We spent a lot time here to make good tric photos.

Then the weather suddenly changed. The tropic storm came. We could not go anywhere now. SO we spent more time macking the trick photos.

The rain eased sometimes but soon got heavier. So we decided to leave the venue and catch a bus back to Ciudad del Este. Fortunately, we could catch a bus soon. But we were half soaked...

Once we arrived the city, the rain was gone. So we went for a shopping. Here has tax free area and those electronic goods are sold i good prices.

I noticed 2 local guys were checking on us. They followed us for a while, but they were gone when we entered a shop. Shin bought an external hard drive and Ken&Yumi were looking for a cover for their iPd Touch (they bought it yesterday). So they went to another shop. 

After shopping, we were to the bus terminal. Then 2 local guys came up to us and said that they were policemen and we had to show them our passports. They were not in police uniform. Well honestly, none thought they were the real policemen, so we ignored them and kept going. They showed us their police badges, but the badges looked really cheap. We argued why we had to show them our passports. We were so sure that they were the "fake" policemen and if we handed in our passports to them, it would be a trouble. 

Then a uniformed policeman came. We asked him if those 2 were the real policemen. And he said "Yes". We thought this one was the corrupted policeman, so we said to them "Let's go to the police station. Then we will show you our passport.".

They took us around the corner and there was a real police pick-up truck.... OMG. They were the real cops....

We were taken to the police station. Then we showed our passports to them. They said "If you have the passports, why didn't show us those on the street!?" Well, we told them that we did not believe they were the real policemen... They checked our passports thoroughly (they tried to illitate us). They we were released!

The reason why we were questioned was that as Ciudad del Este is the border city to Brazil and Argentina, there are many people crossing the borders without proper immigration process (those citizens of 3 countries are exempted from the process). Especially Asians are targeted by the police. 

It started to rain hard again while we were at the police station. So we were kinda lucky to be inside of the building rather than walking on the street.

But the rain did not ease soon. We ended up catching a cab to the bus terminal. It took a while to find a bus buck to 41km (Colonia Yguazu).

Back to the hostel, there were 3 new gusts - Kaori, Tacchi, and Asami. We all went to have Brazilian style BBQ "Churasuco" for dinner. All you can eat for 36,000PGs (US$8). A little expensive, but it was excellent.

Many things happened today. It was the tiring day but fun.


Day 581: 2012年2月28日

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)



これでブログ村ランキング上位を狙えるかな? もちろんトップを目指します。ベストをつくします。




イケちゃんがイタイプ(Itaipu)ダムに行きたいと言い出したら、結構この見所凄いらしく、行きたいと言い出した旅人が何人か。もしかしたら明日はダム見学かも。 ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* 世界ブログランキング参加中です。クリックしてご一票をいただけると嬉しいです。 にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 世界一周へ
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Day 581: 28 FEB 2012

Colonia Yguazu (Pension Sonoda)

I spent whole day editing my blog today. I made the top page photo and adding the route I've ridden so far to Google map. It was a fun work to add the route on the map. I had to remind myself how I rode through Canada, the States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama (I haven't done South  America yet).

I am half ship-wrecked here, but I've been utilising the time here. Especially after Ken&Yumi came here, Shin and I have transformed our blogs a lot.

The rest of the day, we went to the supermarket, cooked lunch and dinner together as usual. I am not sure what it is but this place has a magical touch that everyone joins together.

Ike - he just arrived here yesterday - said he wanted to go to Itaipu dam - one of the world largest dam. It seems to be realy cool place to visit, so some of us show their interests to go there tomorrow. Well, I am one of them. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* I joined the "World trip blog ranking" Please click the button! にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 世界一周へ
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一日一回クリックするとランキングがあがります! よろしくお願いいたします!!
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